M&M Turkey Experiment

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble! Happy Thanksgiving, AKA Turkey Day.


M&M Candies

Small Waterproof Plate

Water Dropper or Pipette or Medicine Dispenser

Small Container of Water


Arrange the M&M Candies to look like a turkey. Slowly add water to the plate all around the candies. Sit back and watch the science/art display.

Talking Points

In this investigation we watched M&M Candies dissolve in water. The colors diffused or spread out through a process called diffusion. It was completely fascinating for me and my little scientist to observe that the colors stayed separate throughout the experiment. In our experiment the water simulated our saliva, just like the candies dissolve in our mouth they also dissolve in the water in the dish. The outer coating of the M&M is water soluble, able to dissolve in water, and the dye in the outer coating dyed the water the color of the candy coating. I am not currently sure what in the different colored dyes caused them to repel one another instead of gently mixing together at the edges where they met. It sure was cool to watch!

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