Dancing Cranberries

Happy almost Thanksgiving! We have a simple Thanksgiving twist on our Dancing Raison Investigation using dried cranberries. It is perfect for the little ones on Thanksgiving Day or today! 🙂


Clear Soda (Any type or Brand)

Dried Cranberries

Clear Container (We used a small plastic cup)


Put a few dried cranberries in a small container. Fill 1/2 to 3/4of the way up with clear soda. Sit back and watch the cranberries “dance”. (It might take a few minutes for the cranberries to get enough bubbles in their wrinkles to start dancing).

Talking Points

Your dried cranberries were able to dance in the soda because they are full of wrinkles, grooves, and gaps all along the outside. Soda has carbonation or Carbon Dioxide the gas that is in all carbonated drinks. When we breathe out we exhale carbon dioxide. Carbon Dioxide forms small bubbles that slowly rise out of the soda once the bottle has been opened or poured into another container. The outside of a dried cranberry is full of tiny gaps, wrinkles, and folds. These opening are the perfect size for the carbon dioxide bubbles to attach to and collect. When enough of the bubbles attach to the outside, the cranberries begin to dance around by rising and falling.

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