DIY 2 Liter Self Watering Planter

Good evening scientists! We have another indoor gardening idea for you. Earlier today, we made a 2 liter bottle into a self watering planter for a celery plant. If you haven’t already checked out our Regrowing celery in water then planting in DIY planter you should, your little scientist will be glad that you did. We have grown 5 so far and have been loving it each time.

Materials2 Liter Self Watering Planter (2)

2 litter

Cotton Rope


Potting Soil

Small Plant or Seeds



  1. Carefully cut a clean, empty 2 litter bottle in half. The top portion will act as a funnel and it will sit in the bottom half.2 Liter Self Watering Planter (5)
  2. Bundle up 3 of your cotton strings in 6 inch segments and tie in a large knot in about the center.2 Liter Self Watering Planter (11)
  3. Sting one end of the cotton through the 2 liter top. The knot should be about the same size as the funnel. (If yours pulls through, make your knot larger)2 Liter Self Watering Planter (17)
  4. Add a few rocks in the funnel around the knot. Take care to not smash the cotton strings under your rocks.2 Liter Self Watering Planter (19)
  5. Fill the funnel with potting soil and plant a small plant or seeds in it. We used a regrown celery plant.2 Liter Self Watering Planter (24)
  6. Fill the bottom of the 2 liter with a few inches of water. Next the funnel inside of the 2 liter bottle. (I gave my celery a tiny sprinkle of water just to make sure there was enough soil. It was all watered by the cotton within a few hours.) Place on a sunny windowsill, refilling and changing the water as needed.

Talking Points

Our planter self waters through a process similar to capillary action. Capillary action is the process by which liquids are moved through an absorbent material by surface tension.

In our planter the cotton rope acts as a wick bringing water to the soil and plant’s roots as needed. The water is able to defy gravity by traveling along the absorbent cotton to the dry soil as needed.

This is a great method for watering plants because they receive the water as needed.

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