Giant Peeps

Good afternoon scientists! We are getting excited for Easter here at Mommy Loves Science and we have a BIG investigation for your little scientist.

MaterialsGiant Peeps (3)



Microwavable Plate


**Adult needed to operate microwave**

  1. Place one peep on the center of a microwavable plate.Giant Peeps (11)
  2. Microwave for about 30 seconds (stop early if peep starts to burn or turn brown. Admire your Giant peep and watch it grow.
  3. Take your peep out of the microwave and watch what happens.Giant Peeps (25)

Talking Points

Why did our peep “grow” in the microwave, then shrink down after it cooled off? Peeps are made out of marshmallows which are essentially very fluffy, air filled sugar.

Marshmallows have a unique texture that is very squishy. This property allowed the air  in the marshmallow to expand when it was heated up. When air is heated the molecules speed up causing it to expand or moves outward and it rises up because it becomes less dense. Density is how compact a substances is. When we took the peep out of the microwave the molecules (building blocks of a substance) slowed down and the Peep was able to cool down and deflate, causing us to have a flattened Peep.

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