Bug Collector

Happy Earth Day Scientists! We have been studying different bugs from around the backyard in honor of Earth Day. This is a great activity to get your little scientist interested in the outdoors.


Bug Collector (5)

Bug House (Store bought, Jar with lid and small air holes in top, plastic container with lid and small air holes punched into the lid)

Small Net

Bug Scissors (optional, we got ours from the local dollar store)


**Be able to identify and stay away from any dangerous plants or bugs in your area**

  1. Gather materials and head outside. Help your little scientist collect bugs with their net or bug catching scissors. (One bug at a time)
  2. Place bug into the bug house to study its movements and characteristics such as color, shape, size. Once your little scientist is ready let the first bug go outside and continue collecting different types of bugs one at a time until finished.
  3. Optional: create a bar graph or chart the different physical traits that you see in the bugs collected.

Talking Points

This is a great, simple activity to get your child excited about what is in their environment. You can talk about the different physical traits of the bugs that you catch. Physical traits are observable like color, size, shape, number of legs, wings or no wings.

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