Garden Marker Painted Rocks (Updated)

Good morning scientists! Today we made cute fruit, vegetable, and herb markers for our garden. It is simple and fun!

MaterialsGarden Markers (18)

Paint Assorted Colors


River Rocks

Paper Plate

Paint Sealer

Optional: Pencil


**This was an adult project for us, use your own discretion if your child is ready or not**

  1. Wash and dry your river rocks prior to painting. We used a paper plate to add our paint for painting. Use one color as a time and rinse your brush between colors. Paint your desired fruit, veggie, or herb on your rock.Garden Markers (29)
  2. Add the name of your plant to the rock.Garden Markers (32)
  3. Outline in black paint to make the art pop.Garden Markers (35)
  4. Spray the rocks with your desired sealant, allow to dry fully before placing in your garden.Garden Markers (56)
  5. Place in your garden to help keep everything nice and organized.

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